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Grave Care
  • One-time Cleaning
  • Annual Package
  • Flowers Watering
  • Grave Restoration
Grave Maintance
  • Landscaping
  • Tomb sculptures
  • Fences, benches and tables
  • Engraving and Mural Painting
  • Crosses, plates and emblems
  • Laying of pavers
  • Monuments
  • Search for graves
  • Ritual services
  • Funerals organization

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In the world there are hundreds of people who need help in caring for the graves of loved ones, and thousands of people ready to provide this help.

Our portal unites these people and ensures their beneficial interaction.

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How do you care for the graves of your ancestors

Life saved me from the death of close people for a long time, but when this happened, I experienced many emotions, acquired a vital experience, and, of course, I was responsible for caring for the graves. For example, have responsibility for caring for graves. I visit them, stand side by side, I think, I remember, I thank. This is for me a new place in life, where the past and the present meet, the place of pause, the state of humility ...

I want the care of the relatives' graves not to be a headache for us, but a sense of contentment and tranquility. Imagine if you can launch a whole movement to care for graves in Russia and change the vision and involvement of people in this process, if with the help of our project there will be less abandoned and abandoned graves, and cemeteries will turn into open places of the city for a quiet walk ?! There are a lot of such examples around the world, let's join them!

Jewgenij Grobman - Owner & CEO AVATRAN
Jewgenij Grobman - Owner & CEO AVATRAN
J. Grobman

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