Step 1: Join Us.

In the top right corner click on «Join us» or «Sign in», if you already have your account on the site.



Step 2: Fill in the Information about Yourself.

  1. On the page “My profile”  input your name, surname and choose the interface language.
  2. Be sure to enter contact details so that customers can contact you.
  3. Please refer to the “Device panel” window. Here you can view your earnings, statistics of orders and tasks.



Step 3: Add Services You Provide.

  1. Tap “Add Service” in a top of site.
  2. Fill in the details of the service you have provided, specifying the price and adding the description.



Step 4: Get Your Order.

Receive a chat notification that you have been chosen by the contractor. In the personal correspondence, agree on all the details and confirm the order.


Step 5: Do the Work and Get the Payment.

After the agreement, the customer pays for the service. Money is stored in the account of the payment system of the intermediary and only after confirmation by the client passes to your account. Execute the service and send a photo-report to the customer. After confirmation, the money from the cloud is automatically transferred to the count you specified.